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 Creating Character

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PostSubject: Creating Character   Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:28 am

[b]Name[/b]: What is your character called. Full name and/or nicknames/titles.

[b]Age[/b]: How old is your character.

[b]Gender[/b]: Male, Female, something odd and unknown?

[b]Race[/b]: There are several different types of 'races'

[b]Elements[/b]: Post at least two elements, if there are to many of that element we may select the second choice

[b]Hair Colour[/b]: What colour/style is your characters hair

[b]Physical Description[/b]: at least one paragraph, body style, tattoo’s etc.

[b]Personality[/b]: (At least one paragraphs, please. How do they act normally, under pressure, around strangers, around those they care for? Do they anger easily, do they have certain tics that make them weird?)

[b]Skills[/b]: (What are your strengths? Stealth? Acrobatics? Bargaining? Do not list powers here. Skills are what your character exceeds at such as the small example above.)

[b]Abilities/Powers[/b]: List up to five powers/magic skills. Admins will chose two of them when being accepted. You will get your powers when you get your dragon

[b]Faults and Weaknesses:[/b]
What are you faults and weaknesses? List at least one physical weakness, one mental weakness, and one thing your character is particularly unskilled at.

[b]Items[/b]: *Optional* (What is your character carrying? Staff, sack, ect)

[b]Pets/Spirit animal[/b]: This is one pet that you can bring, this is an animal that you can talk to through mind speaking, like your dragon.

[b] Dragon/Gryphon[/b] Please note the color of your dragon and the name. Once you are ready to get your dragon read the rules in the dragon and gryphon sections and go from there :0)
[b]Other Information[/b]:

[b]History[/b]: *Optional*

[b]Sample Post[/b]: (At least two paragraphs or more. Can be copied/pasted from another rp. Please do this with every character, even regular members.
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Creating Character
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