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 Dragon Rules

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PostSubject: Dragon Rules   Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:32 am

Dragons are the most common soul creature. They vary in size however, a lot of it has to do with their element, not always though.

Tiny: uncommon
4-5 ft tall
Small: Common
5-7ft tall
Medium: Most Common
7-9ft tall
Large: Common
9-12ft tall
Giant: Rare
12-15ft tall

The aging of dragons remains the same for all species except for the giant breeds. These are usually considered elders. The dragons will age per season (each season consists of a calendar month. On the first of each month they will be aged)
Please keep these rules of thumb in mind:

Hatch-lings are small and vulnerable, also are developing their minds and demeanors. Remain a hatch ling for one season
Dragonet- At this stage the dragon is beginning to develop it's heightened senses; seeing, smelling, hunting small animals. This will also
remain to be one season
Yearling- it can fly well now, and learn how to fight and breathe fire. Now to a third of it's adult size, however at
this stage he is not ready to carry you as a rider yet in the air, however ground training is accepted. two seasons
Young adult-your dragon is now 2/3 of it’s final size, it can now breathe fire, fly, fight and use magic efficiently, just needs a bit more bulk! Once two seasons have passed your dragon is at full size, unless it is chosen to be an elder.

Fire Dragon
The largest of the elements. They usually linger in the size group of large, if a dragon is Giant they are more than likely of the Fire element. Their wing span is usually about twice their body length. Usually the strongest however due to their size the least agile. Thanks to their element, this breed has perfected the art of Fire breathing. Although personalities vary, Fire dragons are the most aggressive species
Colours also vary, but tend to be darker, most commonly red and black and usually have more spines than those of other species.

Ice Dragon
Ice dragons are Medium to large in build but are on the more slender and agile side. Their bodies come in a variety of color but tend to be of the lighter/icy colors. Their scales are usually vary shiny, thus having the tendency of not liking to get dirty. These dragons are usually very stubborn and can come off snobby. Considering their environments these dragons rarely breath fire, they have inheritated a new trait, the ability to freeze things. Their environment has also turned their once softer talons into diamond like stability. These dragons aren't strong, but they are quick.

Earth/Air draongs
These dragons hold a great variety in their breed. One thing they all have in common though is that they are a friendly breed. They vary in size from small (usually used for teaching children how to fly) to Large, but very rarely are they Giant. These dragons have perfected the art of flying and are the most effective when it comes to flying.

To get a dragon:
Please first create a character and wait for it to get accepted, once it has been accepted take your character to the hatching grounds and place a post there. If a dragon hatch-ling is available the admin will post as a dragon which your character will then bond with. once that is done the dragon is yours to rp with. However if no eggs are available, the admin will post as a large male dragon threatening you for approaching the nesting sites, no worries we will let you know when there are more eggs.
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Dragon Rules
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